Upcycle Progress – Cardboard Guitar

For my epicycle project, I’ve decided to make a miniature acoustic guitar. I don’t play guitar (not very well at least) but I’ve always found them to be very well crafted and aesthetically pleasing. My dad plays guitar and I’ve grown up looking at his sitting around the living room.

I experimented with a few different materials but I’ve settled on using cardboard as it will create a sturdier product with a color and texture that is most similar to that of a guitar. The tricky part should be putting it all together and deciding on the detail I will use around the headstock and bridge. I’ve included some images of the pieces I’ve already but. I use the box that my Thermodynamics textbook came in (might be the best use I get out that book this semester).


Here you can see the stencil I used to cut the body out of cardboard. Took me a few times to get the shape of the body right but its as good as it will get now.

Here are both sides of the body. You can actually see the shipping label from the box. I might keep that side facing out as a reminder that it is an upcycle project. If you look close enough you can actually see my name and address on the box.

Here is the body again with some cut outs that I will use for the fretboard. They are a little wide now that I think about it, so I may slim them down. on the side of the picture you can see the tools I used to cut out all the pieces.

That’s all I have for now but I’m looking forward to piecing it together. I’ll probably need some glue and a little more cardboard to finish it up. Let me know what you think!

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  • Sounds like a great project! Are you going to put strings on it and play music with it? what material are you going to use to hold them?

  • Jake Silverman
    February 7, 2017 3:50 pm

    This looks great so far and yes, you may want to trim down the fret board a little bit. I’m very interested to see how well the different pieces mach up when everything is put together.


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