Blog: Upcycle Progress – Projection Stage

I am working on a projection stage for my Upcycle project. A projection stage is generally a three-dimensional object on top of which images are projected from a video projector. Projection stages are often found on electronic dance music stages, and greatly help to define and tie in the aesthetic created by other lighting element on stage.

I am planning to build my projection stage using printer paper. The current model is designed to be a scale model of a larger stage design. It has large areas towards its back where larger images or video can be projected, and smaller, foreground features that allow highlight projections to stand out.

I plan to bring the physical stage to present in class, along with a demo video that shows it in use in a sample project.

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  • Can’t wait to see another awesome projection mapped work of art! I have seen your previous work and have always been impressed, incorporating more areas that stand out will definitely enhance the show.


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