Upcycle Progress: Oyster Box

I wanted to create something that had a function, but still looked good.  For someone living in a small apartment, having something that serves a purpose is important.  I decided that I wanted to create a bowl as a place to store items like my keys and wallet, but I was stuck on a design.  While visiting my grandma a few weekends, I noticed that her bedroom had an ocean aesthetic.  She had a window curtain was of an underwater scene, with dolphins and fish swimming around.  Her bars of soap in her bathroom where in the shapes of seashells and a small picture of a sailboat hung on the wall.  I decided to use that aesthetic for the design of my project.  I wanted to create a giant oyster to hold my treasures, as a oyster protects its pearl.  The plan is to use some old cardboard boxes to build a core for each half of the shell. Then I will cut up some aluminum cans, proved by my roommates and I,  to coat the outside to give it a shiny appearance.  My mom supplied me with some leftover pink felt that I will use to cover the inside of the oyster.

Currently, I have not started building it yet, but I have all the materials and plan on starting this weekend

Featured Image taken by the Baloncici

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  • This sounds like a really cool idea. I really like how you gained inspiration from walking around your grandmothers house. I am really looking forward to seeing how you will actually construct your oyster out of the unconventional materials you have chosen to use.


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