Upcycle Project: ITLL Inspiration

The ITLL is a very unique building in that the building itself is a teaching tool. I would never have thought of this before this class’s, but does the ITLL have an aesthetic of its own? I believe it does! It’s mechanical systems are prominently showcased, unlike in other buildings where they are hidden away. Everything is very transparent: every aspect of the design invites the user to learn about how it works and examine its intricacies. My idea for my Upcycle project takes that theme and let’s me take it home! I have always wanted a thermometer for my car, and I thought the other day: I have all the skills to do it, and the ITLL has all the components I need to make it with. I will Upcycle parts, only using what scrap acrylic and microcontroller parts I can find left for general use in the building. But instead of hiding the inner components in a housing, I want the workings to be visible, I want people to be able to see what is happening behind the scenes: too often we just hit a button and check a screen, not appreciating all that is going on to make that device work.

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  • Great idea! I really like the see thru concept going off of the aesthetic of the ITLL. Very interesting, and useful project. Can’t wait to see it completed!

  • Oksana Schuppan
    February 5, 2017 12:50 am

    This is such a creative aesthetic and I love your idea. Especially as someone who is always curious to know how thing work, the transparency you are shooting is extremely interesting to me. One of the things your chosen “ITLL aesthetic” reminds me of is the Denver Museum of Natural History because they have windows on the side faces of their escalators so visitors can peer inside and see how they work. While this is certainly fascinating within the setting of museum, I actually do believe there could be a huge appeal for it elsewhere in everyday design.


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