Upcycle Update: Cardboard Hat

Source: redneckbeerhats.com[1]

A long time ago, I received a hat just like this one as a gift, and it quickly became one of my favorite hats. It’s simple, made out of just cardboard. I want to see if I can recreate it myself. Hopefully I will have enough cardboard in case I mess up. My plan is to reverse-engineer from my own hat, and add my own artistic vision. The aesthetic I’m going for will be country-western redneck, as well as simple and resourceful.


[1]. http://www.redneckbeerhats.com/shop/page/3/

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  • I like the reference to the Toby Kieth motif, that sounds like a great aesthetic. It is cool that other brands and companies are creating these and selling them. There is definitely a market for it.

    The color scheme matches, which is very nice to look at. Maybe you could have chosen some better, local beer like Upslope or Avery. Their color scheme would also be nice to look at.

    I like the presentation you made that describes the build progress. It was nice to see the struggles you had, and how it came to be.

  • The quality is very good! Its hard tell it wasn’t made professionally/by someone with practice. The beer boxes work perfectly with the cowboy hat idea-the Coors boxes, cheap beer made in Colorado originally for working class people (miners, cowboys, etc.), fit in with the very western, rugged, functional aesthetic that a cowboy hat represents.

  • I think this is a cool idea. Most people probably don’t think of creating clothing when it comes to this project. It adds a lot to its functionality. Are you planning on painting the hat or are you going to use a box that fits the western aesthetic? Also, how do you plan on shaping it? Cardboard can be difficult to morph. Have you thought about trying paper mache instead?


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