Upcycle Progress: Corian


My upcycle project was inspired by a company that I worked for a couple of years ago called American Installations. This is a countertop fabrication and installation company. Here they work with a solid surface material called Corian to make all of the countertops, table and bathroom vanities. After manufacturing their product they have a lot of scrap material that gets sent to a junk yard. My goal is to ask the manager for some of that scrap material and to try and create something useful out of it. A few ideas I have thought of a was colorful box made from multiple scrap pieces, a transparent structure that can act as a small lamp fixture, or even a cleverly designed coat rack.

This is the material that I intend to work with. As you can see the material is worn down and full of scratches. I will need to use multiple pieces because the scraps are so small. For this project I need to find access to a router, sander and a table saw.


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  • Looking forward to seeing your project and also finding out what a sable saw is. I have seen corian and it is very strong and nice looking. Should be a quality product.

  • This material looks like it can produce a very aesthetically pleasing project. I like that the material comes in multiple colors, this should make it easier to be creative. I am excited to see what you come up with.


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