Design Loop: Cardboard Clothing

I went through a frustrating design process creating my upcycle project. I knew what material I wanted to use, and I knew the general theme of what I wanted to make. However, I ended up throwing out a lot of ideas after I tested them for feasibility. I knew I wanted to make something I could wear out of cardboard, and make it not just look like salvaged trash. I found that I would abandon an idea, but then come back and use a piece of it later in a different concept. I had a constant loop of hitting a wall, and then using an idea I had previously trashed to make it work. I think this will be useful in the main design project. If I can create lots of prototypes and then use all the best ideas to make a final product, I think I will be successful.

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  • Colton I like how you showed all of your ideas in the design loop and how each one either caused you to hit a dead end or learn something and move on. Often times it is unclear how many loops a designer goes through in the design process but yours tells the full story. I also like how you tested out of each idea immediately which most likely saved you time in the end and ensured that you were able to feasibly make your item out of the material you selected. Curious as to what your clothing turned out like!


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