Design Loop: Corian Box

I have finally decided to follow through with my corian box design. The brainstorming process for this decision was fairly simple and easy. It was between this and the transparent light fixture. I found it hard to try and get the right amount of light to pass through the material of the light fixture so that it would be useful in practical use. I found that the material needed to be cut smaller than half an inch which is not very practical because the smallest material that I found was half an inch. Another alternative was to have a really intense light strong enough to light up the room through the material but in the end that would just waste to much energy.

For the box I have already created a solidworks model of the parts necessary for the build. I still need to make a couple of tweeks to the files to make sure that everything fits together and looks the way I want it to.

Overall the design process has went pretty well. All that is left is to actually build the box. I think that I have all of the tools and materials needed for construction.

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  • Preston Marcoux
    February 15, 2017 11:51 am

    I think you have a good design loop and I am excited to see your corian box come to life. In your design loop you account for possibly problems and iterations which is good. I like how simple it is as well, once you are able to say yes to both of your loops you are done! Its like a working code. Nice work!


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