Design Loop: Hockey Stick Furniture

I started the upcycle project thinking I would carve a specialized and unique hockey stick out of wood. However, when I Googled, “Homemade Hockey Stick,” I was inspired by what I saw. Ever since then, I’ve been working on making something out of broken hockey sticks. The key constraint has been the number of sticks I can collect. This past weekend, Arizona State’s Club Men’s Hockey team, Colorado Buffaloes’ Men’s Hockey team, and the CU Student Rec Center Ice Rink donated a handful of broken sticks. I started taping them and drawing up a few possible tables I could build. It is pretty tough because most of them are broken on the shaft, so they are usable in varying lengths. I also currently have 4 sticks that broke on the blade, which I taped over for structural integrity and can cut at any length I want. I still need to actually cut them using the table saw at the Rec Center and assemble the table in the next couple days.

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  • Awesome idea and plan for execution! I definitely think it’s wise to lay out the constraints of the project from the get-go. I definitely ran into problems with my design cycle because I didn’t think through timing and limited resources. This sounds like a great Upcycle project and I can’t wait to see what you did.


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