Design Loop: Paper Mache Stool

For my upcycle project, I will be making a paper mache stool. This stool will serve as footrest for me to use when I am relaxing while also providing a unique aesthetic. The actual structure will be made of remnant wood material found in my backyard or at a local wood cutting shop (Home Depot, McGuckins). The stool will then be covered with newspapers that will make it look like it is a paper mache stool but with the additional structural support from the wood.

My design loop is actually not a loop, it is a staircase. I chose a staircase because no matter how many steps you have in your design, you are always advancing your progress within the design. In my case with making a paper mache stool, there are six steps; think of the idea, design the structure, acquire the materials, build the structure, test the structure (redesign if needed), and enjoy the structure. Following these steps will make for a successful project and pretty neat stool!


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  • I like the idea of making something useful for this project. My only concern with the design is the paper mache isn’t the most durable material on the planet. I’m not sure how long it will last if the stool is used a significant amount. The wooden skeleton structure for support is great idea and should be enough to keep the stool from failing. I’m interested to see how this turns out!

  • Alexander Thompson
    February 12, 2017 10:52 pm

    I like your depiction of the design loop as a staircase! And I like the steps that you have included: think of the idea, design, acquire the materials, build, test, and enjoy. Are you sure you designed before having the materials in mind (even if they were not in hand)? Or does that count as the idea and design phases? Either way, I hope you have the chance to enjoy your stool! Great work!


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