Design Loop Reality: The Rose Garden

For my project, I started out with a brainstorm.  Surprisingly, it took me a very long time to even think about an idea.  I noticed everyone had so many creative and different ideas and I couldn’t quite think of something.  I had a vase of roses in my room, and it sparked my idea.  After brainstorming, I moved onto sketching.  Since this is going to be a sculpture, I knew I couldn’t just wing it.  And so I sketched multiple designs (very rough scratches) of how many roses I thought I would need and how they would go together.  I then collected scrap from the different recycling we have around the house. I have been testing out my ideas with different types of designs and construction material.  I have also scrapped lots of my designs based on poor aesthetics.

The design process I have gone through is not necessarily complex, however each step takes a long time.

I am looking forward to presenting my design next week.


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  • I like that you mentioned that your layout is simple and easy to follow but also that each step takes a long time to complete. When building something, I’ve realized that it always seems to take longer than anticipated and I like that you are already foreshadowing here. Great work!

  • It’s interesting that something so carefree and fun like a sculpture requires so much time and planning. You mentioned that you couldn’t just “wing it”, and I totally agree. I tried winging my project and ended up with many failed iterations. Excited to see your rose garden!


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