Skill Set and Personal Aspirations

I feel that I can bring a lot to this project but I also feel that I can learn a lot from this project. Things that I feel I can bring to the table mostly revolve around design, things that I want to get out of this project are mostly skills in fabrication and aesthetics.

I am very fluent in Computer Aided Design, Portfolio , and feel that I can bring lots to the team by assisting with any CAD work that needs to be done. I feel that CAD is a bigger part of the design process that is currently realized by most people and isn’t just a tedious task before manufacturing, but rather a way to iterate and vet out ideas quickly. I am also proficient in basic machining practices and am confident I could do any machining that will be necessary for this project.

What I would like to improve on during this project is my woodworking skills. I feel that there is lots of opportunity to create aesthetically pleasing woodworking projects but I am not very good at it. I know that during this project I will grow my skills and hopefully make something aesthetically pleasing. The skill that I need the most improvement on is aesthetics, I have never really worried about the aesthetics of things. If something worked and it didn’t look sloppy in the past I was generally content. I would like for this project for people to look at it and comment on how good it looks before even understanding the functionality.

I think that all of this is possible with our project!

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Skill Set and Personal Aspirations
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  • Dean Alibrandi
    February 26, 2017 8:16 pm

    Ethan your CAD portfolio is very impressive! I think this skill will help you greatly during the design phase of your main semester project. I too also agree that I have not spent as much time focusing on the look of objects as long as the object performed its functional task. I hope that this project will change my viewpoint is well. Good luck on your project!!


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