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I believe my skills are more towards the creative side. I have always been a “big picture” abstract thinker with a strong eye for aesthetics. I like to craft and do things with my hands, I like to paint and draw and create new things. I am not an engineer and while I hope to understand engineers better I don’t wish to become one. In this class, during my last semester before I graduate, I want to mostly have fun and create new things that I would enjoy and be proud of after I leave CU. Things that have no other purpose other than being fun a meaningful to me !

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  • Katherine Yarnell
    March 1, 2017 2:33 pm

    I really think that knowing engineers better will really help if you ever have to work with them in the future. Because this class in mainly full of engineer majors, it will be very helpful to have someone that is not one in a group, it brings a new perspective.

  • It’s great that you feel you’re a big picture abstract thinker because that is something that I am most defiantly not. I wish to become one and I know that this project will help me learn with the help from people like you.

  • I have no doubt your different background will bring a very much needed different perspective to these projects. Being a good visual person, one that can draw or paint or sculpt, will be very valuable because that is the main wa, I believe, in which an aesthetic is communicated.

  • Benjamin Fried
    February 26, 2017 6:13 pm

    Like Jake said, Engineers are definitely a unique breed of people, and interacting with them may be awkward and unique, but if you can learn how to talk to different types of engineers, it could be valuable in your career (if you choose to work with them). Understanding how different types of people think is crucial in communicating your expectation, message, and other tasks.

    I’d encourage you to give engineers creative ideas and get them to think outside the box. They may even be able to help you build your final project, since they are very mechanically inclined and enjoy that stuff.

  • Jake Silverman
    February 26, 2017 4:30 pm

    Olivia, I think its great that you want to understand engineers better even though you don’t want to come. A lot of times there is a disconnect between engineers and designers that can lead problems on projects. But getting a better understanding is a great way to prevent those types of problems in the future.


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