Skill sets and personal aspirations

I am a mechanical engineering major, on my final semester here at CU. I enjoy working with my hands, and I have a passion for helping others improve themselves and their life experiences. I have countless hours of experience with Solidworks, and I have had internships within the testing environment. Although I have a passion for engineering, I also enjoy the arts, so I am always trying to improve the appearance of the things in my life. I grew up as a competitive mogul skier, this gave me a unique outlook on how people enjoy the outdoors. My aspirations for my future with my engineering degree involve working within the outdoor industry.  Working in the ski industry would be great, but I mostly just want to help people enjoy being surrounded by nature. I myself am always trying to be outside, and if I can give others that same enjoyment, I would be the happiest person alive.

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Skill Sets & Personal Aspirations
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