Main Project: Top 5 Constraints and Aesthetic

For my main project I’ve decided to go with a tie/belt rack similar to the one shown above. Below are the following constraints that I’ve outlined for the project.

  1. Aesthetic: I am going with an natural, organic aesthetic. The one shown above is probably more modern organic. I will be substituting the wheel part of the rack with a section from a small tree, like the one shown below. The upper, triangular piece might be laser cut into a different shape but should have a similar function.

2. Functionality: I will aim to make the project fully functional and serve as my tie and belt rack moving forward

3. Laser Cut: I want to make the upper bracket piece later cut and have custom designs/writing added in order to give it a custom feel.

4. Attachment: The method used for attaching the rack to the wall should be such that it is easy to remove and reattach without resulting in too much damage.

5. Nails will be used as the pegs that come out of the tree section.

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  • Benjamin Fried
    March 10, 2017 11:20 am

    I also like the “natural” feel, and think that is a good constraint for your aesthetic. What if you made a natural and industrial type of look and found some rustic metal/steel to integrate to the wood. The clash of those 2 could look cool, especially if you pick the type of bearing we talked about in class.

    These seem like very reasonable requirements and something that is totally attainable. I would be careful with making fasteners from a tree, this could be challenging and the wood may just fall apart.

  • Tori Herfert
    March 6, 2017 1:31 pm

    I like that you are using a real life tree stump to make yours look natural and organic. I also like that you use the term “organic”, haha.. I am intrigued by the laser cutting that you will do for the upper bracket piece. Have you had experience with laser cutting or will this be your first time? I also am curious if you have plans on how you will make it spin. The nails as the peg section is cool, will look very natural like in the wilderness.


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