Top Five Constraints: Main Project

Currently, my top five constraints in the design of my final project are as follows:

Constraint #1: I will use only neon colors; no purely primary colors.

Constraint #2: I must design my hologram for an apple product.

Constraint #3: I am limited in the size of my hologram by the size of the device I choose to use.  Thus, I will design for an iPad, the largest apple device I own.

Constraint #4: My budget for this project has been set at $150.  I must not spend more than this amount.  The materials I will purchase include acrylic/glass, hinges, adhesive, and video footage.


Constraint #5: The footage I choose to use (whether taken myself or purchased) will influence my project aesthetic.

These constraints have been set in order to create a successful iTunes aesthetic.


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  • Great idea!! Your constraints are well thought out. For the materials constraint, acrylic may be easier to work with, lighter in weight, and more durable. This is a very cool project, and I’m excited to see it!

  • Tori Herfert
    March 6, 2017 1:33 pm

    I like how your constraints are quick and cut to the chase. It sounds like you have a good handle on your project and you know exactly how you are going to approach it. I think it is interesting you might make your own footage, does this get made on a certain program or website or is it completely coded from scratch? It sounds very complex so props to you for doing this!! I am excited to see the finished product! 🙂


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