Top 5 Constraints: Locked Box

Aesthetic: My project must follow a specific color theme and reflect the personality of the person that it is being made for. I need to design the project keeping my own personal aesthetic opinion from being to present within the project. I want portions of each component of the project to have a deeper sentimental aspect to them. I feel like this will be difficult for me because I tend to stray towards functionality more than aesthetics.

Skill/ Craftsmanship: For this project I will be pushing my knowledge of building to the limits. Its relatively easy to make something that I am trying to make if it was strictly for functionality but what I am trying to do requires cutting material and and gluing of different material together to make the product look visually pleasing.

Materials: I am also limited by the material that I have to actually make the box. Corian comes in many different colors and styles but am looking for bright colorful pieces and many people tend to not want countertops of that nature so finding the necessary scrap material will be a challenge.

Cost: If I do not find the material that I need then I will have to buy the proper material. The problem is that corian is usually sold in large sheets and it can be pretty expensive.

Function: This project is basically a locked Chest so if I need to make sure it works and acts like one. This material can be hard to drill into so attaching hinges and lid supports can be problematic.

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