Top Five Constraints: Pencil Holder

For my project I am going to create a pencil holder. I think I will have a colorless aesthetic. Everything I already own is in this category with few exceptions. Everything is black, white, grey, silver. I will stick with this aesthetic and make an aluminum pencil holder. It will be sitting on a thrust bearing so that it will be able to rotate and I can grab whichever pen or pencil I need. This project will not be too complicated hopefully but will be very useful. I am hoping to use recycled materials to save money.

The top 5 constraints

  1. Finding recycled materials that will work.
  2. finding time in the machine shop. It is a busy time of year for the machine shop
  3. Surface finish, might be difficult to get the finish to be as shiny as I like. Might have to get creative.
  4. Finding a trust bearing that will be large enough at the base to act as a counter weight.
  5. Figuring out the right size to make the top disc to hold the largest amount of pencils.
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