Aesthetic Variations Compared to 20th Century Designs: Bed Stand

Hello my dearest readers,

In my previous blog post I mentioned that I wish to pursue a food aesthetic with my bed stand – well, today I am going to explore some more possible aesthetic avenues for my bed stand. I know you all loved the pizza aesthetic as much as I did but it is important to keep an open mind. On that note, let’s check out some other possible aesthetics!

1. The All Natural Aesthetic. This aesthetic would mean making my bed stand out of wood and just priming it. This process would leave the wooden bed stand with a raw, natural, organic aesthetic. Something like that of a log cabin.

2. The Mechanical Engineer Aesthetic. To accomplish this I would still make the bed stand out of wood. However, I would place a bunch of gears on the top of the bed stand. These gears would be covered by a plastic layer so that the bed stand is still smooth but people can see the gears.

3. The Upcycle Aesthetic. This would involve making the bed stand out of old wood or cardboard. To accomplish the ‘upcycle aesthetic’ it will be important for me to make sure that it is very clear the bed stand is made from old and re-used materials.

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