Skills and Aspirations

As a 22 year old ready to graduate from CU Boulder with a major in Mechanical Engineering I have acquired a number of skills related to the major. The department I have the most skill in is probably manufacturing, and this is because I was the Manufacturing Engineer for my groups Senior Design project. Along with this experience I have also worked in 2 manufacturing companies back in the Silicon Valley throughout high school and college. As a result I know a good amount about not only manual mills and lathes, but also a good amount about CNC machines. Along with manufacturing experience I have a comfortable background in Matlab, weather it is creating and analyzing plots, or writing code to simulate mechanical systems, I am confident with the software. The last note worthy skill I would mention is my background in SolidWorks. I can quickly create parts and know what manufactures would like to see on a drawing. Along with that I am decent with assemblies and creating machines with multiple parts.

As for my aspirations, I do not have anything too specific at this point in my life. I would like to apply my engineering background to something that will not only keep me interested, but something that will help the world move forward. I feel as though a lot of engineers that came before my time did not consider the question “what impact will this have on the world” weather “the world” be society or the actual physical environment. I want to make sure that whatever it is I contribute to this world will have little to no negative impact in the long run.

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