Final Project Report Part 1: Wooden Backgammon Board

Presentation Slides:


Constraints :-Dynamic-Material-Skills

Original Thoughts:-Interactive Game-Chess-Checkers  

Our only real constraint or direction for this project is that it must be dynamic. To me the idea of movement didn’t come from a sculpture with a moving hand or a robot on wheels. I want my project to have a human component and interact with the user. So for my main project I know I want to make a game. Either a homemade chessboard, checkers or backgammon game. I haven’t decided on my aesthetic yet. Do I want it to be made out of wood and have a natural feel to it? Or maybe a metal board with magnetic pieces? Or maybe plastic and I can paint it with fun colours ?

I have never done any sort of wood working or metal shopping before so that idea gets me a bit nervous, but it might be a good time to learn a new skill.

Some unique game sets I found are below.

photos are from:

Down Under Escape: Halcyon House Cabarita Beach

Pod Presentation :


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  • Faisal Al Balushi
    May 5, 2017 12:32 pm

    Hi Olivia, this project turned out looking really cool. I like that you wanted to make it a game that is interactive while still having a special aesthetic look to it. The last green/leave touches gave it an appealing look. Have you tried playing with it? What are you planning to do next?
    Great job

  • Kira Sadighi
    May 4, 2017 2:53 pm

    Hi Olivia,
    Just something logistical first, your pod presentation should go in it’s own post. There’s a tag for it, something like Main Project Final Project Presentation , don’t want you to miss points!
    First, I like how you staged your project photo, with the instructions and a nice background in there, it looks really good. The bird is a nice touch! It really adds to the woodsy effect. I think it would have been cool if the sticks on the side were totally filled in, like you couldn’t see the rest of the wood through it. That said, your decision not to stain the wood was a good one I think, the natural aesthetic fits with the woods theme. My other favorite piece of your art are the dice. I like how the dots aren’t perfectly aligned. The last suggestion I have is next time to maybe laser cut the triangles in there, that way they would come out even more crisp. Great job!


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