Final Stretch: zoetrope


At this time I had finished procuring the dense cardboard tube that would be the main part of the Zoetrope.

1. I finished painting on 4/2

I had never used spray paint before so I had to learn from youtube and practicing on scraps. Repeated sanding and re-painting resulted in a structure that was good enough to start painting.

2. Meanwhile I worked in the Idea Forge on making a base. I needed the bearing to be smooth and sturdy. I purchased a skateboard bearing and some smooth foam board that I used to make the base. It was quite challenging to embed the bearing into the base.

3. I will finish decorating and finalizing in the next two days. As this is the most revised design I have, I am not worried about any last minute changes to the design.

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  • Looking good! I haven’t tried painting either so I can’t give any advice, but definitely looking forward to seeing your finished product!


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