Aesthetic Exploration: Guitars

I have chosen to explore the aesthetics behind different types of guitars around the world. There are many shapes and sizes out there and each has their own aesthetic appeal associated with each type.

The first design is the steel string acoustic guitar. It’s a design that produces a more metallic sound due to its strings. It has a hollow center and a curvy shaped body.


The second guitar is the nylon string acoustic guitar or the classical guitar. This design is very similar to the first design but its strings are made from nylon and the neck of the guitar is a little bigger than other guitars

The third guitar is the electric guitar. this guitar typically has a solid body and need to be plugged into an amplifier to function properly. Its generally a sleeker design that has alot of metal parts.

The final guitar is the 12 string guitar. This guitar is special because it has 12 strings. It has a richer sounds because of 6 extra strings. it usually has the same shape and design as the acoustic guitar but there are some 12 stringed electric guitar.

All guitars come in many colors shapes and sizes. The body is also painted to give a specific aesthetic depending on the owner. A person can really design a guitar for any situation with any theme. That’s what makes guitars amazing to build!

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