Upcycle Progress: Tin Can Candle Holder

For the upcycle project, I have decided to make a candle holder with a tin can. I will need an old soup can, soda can, or something similar. Additionally I will need paint, a hammer, nails, and a candle. I have all of these materials and am excited to get started! I have not decided if I would like to make a pattern or just have the holes randomly dispersed because I like both ideas. I am also considering making more than one can if I have the supplies. I still have some decisions to make, but am excited to get started on this project!


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  • http://www.auntannie.com/PartyDecorations/TinCanCandleHolders/
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  • This project is very unique and interesting. Where did you get the idea from? And I feel like it may help you out to maybe draw up a simple pattern before you begin working as seeing differing iterations of it on a piece of paper would be helpful I think when it comes to narrowing down what you want to do

  • Fatema Alhalal
    February 3, 2019 9:50 pm

    Hi Dannie,
    your project idea is really cool and I would like to have one of these! You may want to use spray paints as a background and then draw on it (ie. sea colors background with ocean wildlife drawings and the holes will be the bubbles.) I also liked this idea because I think it’s safer to have the candle holder specially around kids! I’m excited to see how it turns out!


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