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As mentioned in my previous post, a lot of my inspiration is the rough design sketches of the ideation phase of product development. With toothpicks in mind as a material, it seemed like a perfect way to represent the rough line-based style with stray lines and hashmark shading in a 3D object. I then thought to make the object functional which led me to the idea of a lamp.

I decided that I wanted to make a lamp that created a diffused, atmospheric lighting for my bedroom. Research into this led me to this paper and wood Japanese style lamp. So now my main inspiration is product design sketches, toothpicks, and Japanese style lamps.


I am looking to make a paper and wood lamp that takes on the form of some sort of object representative of a rough sketch. Some of my ideas for this are shown in the image below. All of the lines on the page would be represented with toothpicks; or at least as much as possible.

I am still playing around with different forms with sketching and I’m also doing some exploratory prototyping to see if actually working with the toothpicks helps me come up with new ideas. I am thinking of either doing a bedside table lamp or a hanging lamp.

Japanese-style lamp:

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  • Hello Joshua,
    This is a cool idea, Japanese paper lamps being an aesthetic that works really well in the context of upcycling. You mentioned doing some initial prototyping with the toothpicks to help with idea generation, have you considered doing some exploration with types of paper? Different kinds of paper might have different diffusion properties, changing the overall aesthetic of the lamp, in how it actually diffuses the light and might be worth looking into your different options.


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