Upcycle Inspiration/Progress

I have been struggling a lot with coming up with what I will make for this project, or what I will use for it, and I think I have finally decided on making some sort of lamp out of different materials, and maybe trying to mess around with how they emit light to create part of the aesthetic. Obviously much of the rest of the aesthetic will come from the materials themselves without the light, and the way I construct the lamp. I want it to be fairly simple and battery powered.

Some images I have found that inspired me to choose this path include these:

a purple lantern resembling fish scales

I now at least know what object I’ll make.

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  • Nicole Maggio
    February 9, 2019 5:51 pm

    I really love this idea! It’s a super simple concept but looks really cool in the end. Its also interesting how many different types of shapes and aesthetics you can create from this concept. The third photo stood out to me as a kind of a 90’s aesthetic with lots of neon and geometric shapes. If you’re still struggling for an aesthetic that could definitely be one!

  • Hi Samuel,
    Nice post you got here! I struggled for a while just like you to come up with what to make and what kind of aesthetic I wished to pursue. It’s definitely a difficult step of the process. Anyway, I really like the idea that you have come up with. I think that creating designs around a light fixture is amazing because not only does it allow you to be creative with the design but the emitting light will further highlight your external design. The only question I have is really if you plan on using paint maybe to add color to your design and if so, how do you plan on painting?


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