Skills and Aspirations

I’d say my most useful skill is the ability to think creatively and problem-solve. I’m somewhat trained in the traditional areas of engineering, though I’m much more comfortable with more artistic mediums. Visual media especially, is where I find myself most engaged.

Though, I also believe I’m a strong writer, or at least, very comfortable with being able to communicate my thoughts. In terms of interaction, I feel well versed in presenting, operating in teams, and communicating ideas to others. I have experience with a number of desperate fields, such as coding, circuits, graphic design, photography, 3D modeling, music/ sound production, web development, and general artistic practices.

However, I don’t feel as confident in my ability to fabricate, and work with physical materials as I do digital. So improving that skill set is one of my main goals with this class. I also don’t tend to work well in the realm of precision and measurements, which I often find extremely tedious. It’s a bit ironic for an engineering, though, again, it’s something I’m hoping to improve upon with this class.

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