Skill Sets and Aspirations

I am currently a Master’s student in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Product Design and I did my undergrad in Material Science. I feel that from my experience, one of my major skills is understanding complex systems and things interrelate. I also believe that I am good at brainstorming innovative ideas and rapid prototyping. From my undergrad degree I have a strong understanding of chemistry and material selection. From my graduate studies so far I have learned a lot about the hands on engineering aspects of actually making ideas into reality, and turning a functional prototype into a manufactureable product.

I really enjoy the product development process, and the fast paced environment of R&D. I aspire to work for a design firm, an innovative company with a heavy focus on product design, or start my own company. I have been learning a lot about user centered design lately and it has really opened my eyes as an engineer who has been taught to focus on functionality. I realize the extreme importance of keeping your end user in mind when designing a product and the ability of this process to create fantastic products that truly fulfill a need. I would like to keep this design process as a core part of my career and believe it will help me be an effective engineer and designer. Right now, I am interested in biomedical device design, wearable technology, and outdoor sports gear, but I really just enjoy the design process. I enjoy thinking about what it is that users really want and how to deliver something that will be functional, easy to use, and appealing. For this reason, I am really interested in working at a design firm because it would vary the work I do and types of products I’d get to work with and learn about.

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  • Josh,
    I’m glad we’re on the same assigned team! I would really like to bounce ideas off of you about the best way to manufacture our projects – it sounds like you know a lot about that. I think I could help you with prototyping and R&D on your project.

  • Christopher Seighman
    February 22, 2019 1:27 pm

    I think having a background in material science will be really useful down the road, I know that the material selection of a product can make a huge difference, and you might know of a certain material that would fit the application that some people might not even be considering!


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