Main Project Inspiration

The product I will design will be an intersection of multiple ideas. What I know is that I want to use a Raspberry Pi to keep driving my computational knowledge. The dynamic aspect of the object will be rotational motion likely to be delivered by a continuous rotation servo. Additionally, LEDs will be integrated to provide warm light. The manufacturing process will likely involve 3D printing and machining.

I am unsure what the aesthetic, design movement or shape my project will be but I do have multiple inspirations part of my project will be to research what aesthetic these are. The following inspirations are only a few as I constantly dig the internet for these kinds of artifacts. One example is this frame light that I believe uses wood exceptionally well as it invokes the future on traditional material.

Ushki Design

The electronics side of my project was heavily influenced by “Axidraws” or CNC drawing machines that can make very complex yet perfectly coordinated drawings. Although drastically different from what I want to do they are what inspired me to push my programming skills to the next level.

French 79: Between The Buttons

The general shape I picture will be somewhat cylindrical in essence yet portray different shapes throughout the surface. I want the LEDs to be hidden in the inside with small apertures allowing light to escape. 3D printed vase’s such as this one have definitely been circulating my mind.

Sanver Ozguven

Lastly, I want my design to be inspired by “Guadalupe Zaju” a coffee farm I grew up visiting very often in the southwestern corner of Mexico nested in the jungle of the Soconusco mountains. Ideally, the final product will be a synergetic relationship between the tropical ecosystem of the farm, hi-tech engineering, and art (I don’t know what form yet). The design has to feel at home being showcased on the farm and has to remind people of nature and the vibrant energy that this plantation has. This product must represent the lifeblood of the Mexican rain forest, its beauty and hardships.

Guadalupe Zaju


Frame Light by Ushki Design:

Between The Buttons by French 79:

Vase by Sanver Ozguven:

Coffee Farm:

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  • Be cognizant of how each element of your project informs and influences the aesthetic, especially as it pertains to the story you wish to tell. It can be a lot of fun to reach out to all these great advancements in production technology, but you don’t want your message to fall prey to the most basic elements of its fabrication.
    Conversely, there is a massive amount of art that is created entirely around the basis of how it was fabricated.
    How would your advanced production tools (Raspberry Pi) be made to feel right at home on a farm?
    What utility, if any, would you like to have your piece present? Are you interested in applying an aesthetic to a product or structure that already exists, or are you hoping to develop something entirely novel and unique?

  • Andre Gruber
    March 3, 2019 11:11 pm

    Andres, I really liked seeing the different places you draw inspirations from for your final project. I think it will be really cool if you can incorporate all of the things you mentioned while tying it back to your home roots. I noticed you didn’t mention what aesthetic you would be pursuing, could you maybe try to tie the aspect of home into it by using some sort of Mexican art aesthetic?


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