Main Project Inspirations

For my project I plan on creating a terrarium in the shape of a snow globe. The snow globe shape, is obviously inspired by snow globes. The idea of a snow globe shape came to me during class while I was sketching. I already had the idea of a terrarium, I was just unsure of the exact shape I wanted it to be in. An example of a snow globe shape I am interested in is shown below. The image and snow globe was made by Paulina Ciepal and can be found at

Image and snow globe made by Paulina Ciepal

The main aspect of the project, a terrarium, was inspired by my childhood. As a kid I didn’t have a lot of pets and always begged my mom to get me one. When she said no, I used to go in my backyard and collect plants, and bugs, and put them in glasses, fish tanks, etc.. I wanted to upscale my childhood pets into a usable terrarium for the present day. In the terrarium I plan to plant flowers, basil, mint, and maybe even some bugs!!

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Main Project Inspiration
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Main Project Inspiration

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  • The inspiration behind this is very interesting. I love the idea though. The soothing aesthetic of a natural, flowing terrarium is v yr pleasant and calming to look at. Do you plan on upcycling a snow globe or do you plan on creating a “snow globe” for the final product?


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