Top 5 Constraints: Duplex Fish Tank

Constraint 1: Fish Safety

The first constraint that I have to consider when making this tank is the safety of Doug and Coach. This means that any decorations that I add to the tank have to be safe for Betta fish and the two fish must stay apart from each other. This also means that if I add a waterfall I must ensure that the fish cannot get into the pump.

Constraint 2: Materials and Cost

The goal budget for this project is around 60$. I am moving from Colorado to Seattle so I do not want to spend too much money since I will most likely have to give the tank away. I also hope to get most of my materials from Amazon since I don’t have a car.

Constraint 3: Aesthetics

Another constraint I have found is the Aesthetics of the project. I am hoping to have an Aesthetic that focuses on modern shapes and minimalism (with the geometric acrylic) and nature (foliage). This means that the materials that I use have to fall under one of those categories. I believe that I am on the right track for all aspects except the waterfall. I am not quite sure how to make that look since I will most likely use a PVC pipe to hide the pump and that does not follow my aesthetic.

Constraint 4: Structure

The next constraint that I have to consider is the structure of the tank itself. I need to figure out what type of glue to use to seal the acrylic to unsure there are no leaks in the tank.

Constraint 5: Aesthetic as Compared to my Apartment

The last thing to consider is the Aesthetic of the tank as compared to the place that I am intending on putting it. I am planning on using my bar table, which is made of wood and aluminum, to mount the fish tank. I think that the table will compliment the tank well, however, I need to make sure.


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  • Jared Campbell
    March 6, 2019 1:20 pm

    I like your idea and as far as the aesthetic of the waterfall I am sure you can do some research on how to transform the PVC into something more modern, making it matte or adding a modern design could achieve this. Have you looked into any ideas?

  • Yousef Alqattan
    March 6, 2019 12:43 pm

    Hey Taylor, I like that you thought about your pets when considering what to make as a final project. I like the idea of being able to make a duplex tank for that amount of money, considering all the components you intend to integrate. Have you thought of making the tank foldable when emptied, so you can take it with you to Seattle instead of giving it away?


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