Top 5 Constraints

For my final project I am making a terrarium shaped like a snow globe. This project has a lot of complications that could arise. Here are the top five I can see effecting the project currently. The first constraint is the materials I will be using for the base of the terrarium. I need something that is water tight and able to hold in soil, but also something that will uphold my nature aesthetic. A material that will be able to uphold these standards will be difficult to find. The second constraint with the base is that it must be a material that requires tools that I have access to. I cannot choose a material that I am unable to work with!

Me next few constraints come with the top part of the terrarium, the globe part of the snow globe. The first constraint that comes with the globe is that I need to be able to make it spherical. A lot of materials are difficult to make into shapes that are globular. The second constraint that comes with the globe part is that it needs to be transparent. It needs to be transparent because light needs to be able to reach the plants so that they are able to grow. It also needs to be transparent, so that the snow globe/nature aesthetic is met. The last major constraint that come with the globe section of the terrarium is that it needs to be a breathable material. I need oxygen and water to be able to enter the system so that the plants can live. I have not yet thought out how this will work.

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  • Joshua Engmorris
    March 11, 2019 10:36 am

    This is an interesting project. Making spherical shapes is definitely difficult, I found that out during the upcycle project. Maybe you can use a prefabricated object for the outer globe, like a fishbowl. Also picking materials that you have the capabilities and skills to work with is a difficult constraint that I’m working through as well. Excited to see how this turns out.

  • A terrarium is an awesome project idea, that also comes with a lot of interesting challenges, which you seem to have thought a lot about, which is a great place to be starting. For the material constraint, have you thought about using a material that fits your aesthetic and you know how to work with, then add some kind of sealant to it to give it the properties that you need?


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