Top 5 constraints

I decided to make a wall clock for my final project. Here are my top 5 constraints for this project:

  1. Time: I am currently taking 4 other graduate classes right now. Time management will be crucial to me. To get the project done I need to simplify the process and get started asap.
  2. Skills: This project involves a good amount of fabricating of different materials. It might also require electrical design knowledge, which I don’t have lots of experience in.
  3. Style: I’d like to go with the classic diver watch style, which features round, triangular, rectangular elements for the hour marks.
  4. Function: I’d like the final product to be fully functional as a wall clock.
  5. Manufacturability: During the design phase I will need to make sure the design will be manufacturable and manufacturable using the resources from ITLL machine shop.
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  • Christopher Seighman
    March 11, 2019 1:29 pm

    This is a pretty cool idea, I would look into some pre-made clock kits that you can use for the actual hands. That will allow you to focus on the aesthetic of the clock face and not worry as much about it making the functional part of it.

  • Hi Shen,

    I think it is fitting that you are creating a clock and your top constraint is time. Look I am also in four classes as a grad student, so I totally get you. I applaud your ability to recognize that time will be of the utmost importance, and you will need to make an effort to have a successful final project.

    Good luck! Looking forward to it!

  • Shen,

    This is creative and new. I like that you showed the idea you held through a hand sketch. Is this clock going to be large or small? Have you thought about the dimensions yet? What do you think it will take to manufacture this wall clock? Will you need to obtain help from an EE for the electrical portion or will you use other resources? I look forward to seeing this project progress!!


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