Streamlining to Post Modern

My project uses minimalism which was very prevalent in 1880 – 1940. This movement incorporates using new technology to design and create. This is relevant because I will be using a laser cutter to cut the acrylic to size as opposed to a saw.

I am also incorporating organic design with the addition of the natural elements to the tank. Two walls of one of the tanks will be covered in stones like chimney which incorporates the organic design aesthetic as well as the addition of plants and foliage. I will also add betta balls which are green leafy balls that betta fish enjoy.

Finally, I am incorporating a minimalist design into my project. The tank will be constructed of clear acrylic formed in geometric shapes. This is a minimalist design as it does not include many aspects that fish tanks have such as filters and screens. The

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  • I like that you are already incorporating 20th century design elements into your project but there are also some movements that are very different compared to what you are using. What could you change about your design to fit into some different design movements of this time?

  • Eleanor Pearson
    April 1, 2019 1:07 pm

    This project seems cool! I am curious about the first image. Are you going to have an element in the middle of the tank that doesn’t have water?

    • Taylor Whittemore
      April 24, 2019 1:23 pm

      The middle of the tank will also have water and another betta fish! It is a female so they ignore eachother


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