Design Review Progress – Dream Catcher

For my original concept, I wanted to play around with different sensors using arduino. The idea was to create a device that uses a sound sensor to synchronize any sound played – such as music – with LED lights that play with the sound. I tried making this work, however, I could not make it the way I wanted.

The new idea is to deconstruct a dreamcatcher and replace the strings with the lights. I am not sure how the execution would look like. Below are some original designs of dreamcatchers that I thought of revamping:

These are some well-designed dreamcatchers. The aesthetic conveyed looks really nice, but I do not think I can get the details correctly. I will replace the webs with lights, hoping to make it portable. I plan on using different colored feathers to finish it off. This whole thing is meant to be able to be hanged anywhere and used as a light source.

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  • Samuel Sawyer
    May 8, 2019 3:27 pm

    I think that redesigning these dreamcatchers using LEDs is a really awesome aesthetic direction! I can already picture what it might look like, but the one thing that may be hard is actually getting it to look as clean as one might picture it being, as well as incorporating the microcontroller without defeating the aesthetic. I might suggest using an arudino lilypad or a smaller controller.


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