Construction Timeline

For my final project, I am creating a hanging/standing planter with a removable shelf. The main purpose is to fit in a variety of spaces. The asthmatic will be modern.

Already have: Wood for the shelves

April 4th: Order steel for the supports of the shelves

April 5-8: Cut the wood to size and cut circles for the pots

April 10-12: Cut metal rods to length, buy fasteners and rope for hanging portion of planter

April 13-17: Weld on shelf notches and attach shelves

April 18-22: Create slide show presentation, sand edges, add finishing touches

April 22: Finish project and present to class

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Construction Timeline
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Construction Timeline

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  • Max Buechler
    April 7, 2019 8:54 pm

    I like how you included the presentation aspect of this class within your timeline. Do you have backup plans in case any of the machining doesn’t go as planned, or in case of redesign? Good luck finishing it all up!


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