Construction Timeline: Beer Tap Handle

For my tap handle, I have a pretty good handle on all of the steps that I need to take to construct the handle. In each category there is some sub-tasks:

Glass” piece of main body

-Finalize model of positive

-Print out positive

-Coat in epoxy for smoothing

-Make silicone mold

-Cast in resin


-Finish modeling base to fit electronics

-Purchase power supply

-Program lighting effects

Additional pieces

-Finish modeling base piece

Overall, I believe that the next three weeks will be achievable for all of these tasks, as I have worked with most everything before on various projects. The concern I have will be with the silicone molding, as I have never made such a mold before. Looking forward to bringing it to life!

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  • I’d love to know more about how you are doing. What aesthetic did you end up going for? Got any design drawings?

  • Joshua Engmorris
    April 4, 2019 10:36 pm

    Chris, sounds like you have a decent amount of work ahead of you, it’s good that you have experience with everything. Do you know what power supply you’re planning on using? Will it be battery powered or plugged in?

  • Hi Christopher,
    This is a nice list of action items that you need to do, but I think that you should add on dates so that it would create more of a timeline. Other than that I think your prior experience with these materials will really benefit you during construction and will definitely save you time in the long run.

  • Alexis Nibbelink
    April 3, 2019 1:38 pm

    It’s good that you have experience with almost everything. Most of it sounds pretty time consuming to me. I have dealt with silicone before and compared to the other things in your project it shouldn’t be that hard to work with. Your project sounds really cool! I hope it turns out well!


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