Final Project pt 2 – 2 in 1 Lamp

I think that I did a very good job of bringing my original sketch to life. My final product looks very much like the original idea and stays true to my design intent. I think that I really hit the mark on the aesthetic I was going for. I wanted a modern minimalist take on organic design with some influence from Bauhaus. I think that the one thing that I may have missed a bit in my aesthetic is the Bauhaus influence. I really liked the Bauhaus style and wanted to incorporate it in some way, I went about this by simply modeling my lamp shade off of a famous Bauhaus lampshade. I think that I could have dove deeper into this aesthetic by doing more research into it and looking for more areas of inspiration to work off of. Regardless, I think that I really achieved the other aesthetics just how I wanted to.

The dark walnut stained wood is a major aspect of my lamp and fits the organic design aesthetic. The dark stain makes it more modern looking and subtle. The design of the lamp is very simple and minimal, and this combined with the dark colors and clear acrylic layers give it a very modern feel in my opinion. I think that the lamp would be a nice piece in a minimalist, modern apartment. Something else that I like, that I didn’t even notice until I was building the lamp, was my mixture of different manufacturing methods. I think that the combination of wood working with 3D printing is a nice way to blend the old and the new and bring the organic aesthetic into a more modern era. I think that the manufacture of a artifact has an impact on its aesthetic value and I like that my mixed manufacturing methods sort of added to the idea I was looking to bring with my aesthetic.

I learned a lot about woodworking in this project. Having basically no woodworking experience before this, I did a lot of hands on learning and figured out things I would do differently next time. A lot of which have to do with being more careful with measurements and labeling my pieces to keep them oriented correctly. It was a fun problem solving exercise to start from the aesthetic and the desired functionality and then work to figure out the details of making it work and manufacturing.

Moving forward, I want to keep iterating on my 3D printed parts and add an integrated circuit with an RGBW LED. I want to make the hinges more user friendly and easier to change the angle of the arm. I also really want to make the LED aspect more interesting. I already have a RGBW LED and an Arduino Nano that I want to program with a push button to change buttons with each click and turn on and off.

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  • Christopher Seighman
    May 5, 2019 5:49 pm

    This lamp came out great! It’s also cool to see how many different skills you learned over the course of the semester, I hope you continue to work on this project as it has a lot of potential for being a really useful lamp in the future!

  • It sounds like you hit the nail on the head in terms of the aesthetic design you were trying to achieve, so great job! I am a big fan of the organic design aesthetic and a la p is the perfect product to implement this kind of design to! The dark wood was a great call and I think that is the defining feature that captures your design intents. You brought up a great point in mentioning that manufacturing methods really play a large role in the aesthetic of a project. I am sure that some aesthetics may have even been born due to the new manufacturing methods taken up during the times of the aesthetic revolutions. I agree with you in that wood working is a bit challenging at first. Truly it is not only a method of manufacturing, but an artform. I mean, some people dedicate their lives to learning the practice of wood working. However, I am glad you figured it out at the end. I also had a hard time starting my project because I was uncomfortable in the wood shop. I think adding LEDs to your lamp would be an awesome edition. Any particular reason you want RBG LEDs? They’re not too bad to code with Arduino and you can make them do little light shows if your interested. Using a push button would allow you to have several light show options, which would be really cool. I am excited to see your project at the expo. Good job!

  • Shalil Jain
    May 2, 2019 4:44 pm

    Your project turned out well and its cool that you will continue to work with 3d printed parts and integrate that with electrical design. It was great seeing you grow your skills throughout the year from your upcycle project to your final project. Great job!


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