Summing up 2019

This post will contain a brief summary of what I made this semester and links to all of my previous posts.


For my upcycle project, I chose to upcycle pennies. I used my original idea of creating a a sprouting plant in a glass bottle and merged that with my penny art to create a sprout-like image.

For my main project, I made a vegetable chopper guillotine, which was inspired mostly by my love of history and liking for making serious items have comedic twists.

Below you can find a link to all of my previous posts:

Aesthetics Exploration:

Upcycle Progress:

Upcycle Inspiration:

Upcycle Final Report Progress:

Skill Sets and Aspirations:

Main Project Inspiration:

Final Project Constraints:

Design Review:

Constructions Timeline:

Final Stretch:

20th Century Design:

Final Report Part 1:

Final Report 2:

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  • The chopper guillotine you made was great! It’s so cool that at the same time of being aesthetically pleasing, it’s also technically functional. I would rate it project of the semester if there’s ranking system haha. Good work!


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