Summing Up 2019

This class was a mix of learning and fun. I have learned a lot and I made designs which I am proud of. During this class, I had the chance to learn how to make things that I always wanted to do myself. I made different designs of candles and flower vases that I still have at home and I still make them on regular bases.

Below is the links for my blog reports where you can find the details for my work.

Ibrahim Alhajj :

Upcycle Progress: My Design Process :

Upcycle Progress:

Upcycle Final Report – Ibrahim Alhajji:

Skill Sets & Personal Aspirations -Ibrahim Alhajji:

Main Project Inspiration:

Top 5 Constraints:

Design Review Report: Candles:

Current vs 20th Century Design Movements:

Construction Timeline:

Main Project Final Stretches:

Final Report Part 1- Candle:

Final Report Part 2- Candle:

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Summing Up 2019
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