Top 5 Constraints

The Top 5 constraints for my project will be:

  1. functionality and ease of use

I want to make something that, while it will be aesthetically pleasing, is functional and usable as a camera tripod. I want it to be able to be used as a lightweight tripod for backpacking, camping and climbing. Also this means I need to consider how a user would interact with the tripod, make it easy to make adjustments and easy to set up and pack up.

  1. Light weight

I want to avoid adding any extraneous weight to the tripod. This is mostly a functional concern, as heavy tripods are a pain to take to locations that I like to take photos.

  1. Aesthetics

I want the final product to look sleek and finished, with a swoopy, futurisic aesthetic. I think this will actually translate very well into both of my previous functional criteria.

  1. Manufacturability

I have to be able to actually make this product. I plan to design with the intention of using a 5 axis cnc to make my main part. This allows a large degree of creative freedom, but there are definitely some constraints I will need to work within.

  1. Cost effectiveness

I would like to only spend as much money is actually necessary to create this project. I won’t cut corners to reduce cost if it means sacrificing core parts of the design, but everything always needs to be a balance. For example, I won’t be making this project out of a solid chunk of titanium, even though that would be stronger and lighter.

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  • Hey Jack, as a photographer myself, I know how important it is to have a decent tripod on hand so I think you’re project is a great idea. I agree with you on the cost effectiveness constraint as I also know that tripod can be pretty expensive for good quality. I think aluminum could be a good solution as it’s lightweight and also pretty durable.


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