Upcycle Inspiration: Bookcase

For this project I am inspired by two things; my need to store books and plants and the tables made from planks and piping that you see in many of the wonder beer producing institutions here in Boulder. It is my understanding that the main draw to of these particular tables is the fact that they fit the urban chic aesthetic and are relatively cheap when produced by hand.

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If using reclaimed wood the process would more or less follow as such: acquire wood and piping, sand and stain wood, cut everything to specified lengths and assemble. Simple enough. In my mind’s eye my vision is to get an old wooden ladder restore it affix planks of reclaimed wood on the various rungs and then call it a day. This design, in fact, does not include the use of piping and this is mostly due to the facts that 1) there was not enough piping available at resource when I went there 2) Steel piping is heavy and even if I could find the piping the connections would be expensive 3) Its too “urban outfitters” and I wanted to do something more original.

Ultimately I was unable to find an old wooden ladder as many have decayed or become collector pieces over time. As an alternative to this I was able to find rusted and weathered sawhorses, which being triangular, were similar enough for me.

Image result for sawhorse bracket

Because the sawhorses do not already have the rungs to create the layers, my initial idea will change fairly heavily. I still want to retain the triangular shape of the piece because I like triangles and thus the sawhorses will be used from the front.



picture sources

picture of table: https://sehatwae.com/pipe-table-ideas/

sawhorse picture:https://www.ebay.com/c/1903687785

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  • Hey the idea itself is very innovative and has a lot of potential. I am actually excited to see how the whole process turns out and how the end product comes out to be. Also, using reclaimed wood is a very very good step.

  • Noah Verspohl
    February 2, 2020 3:43 pm

    I like your Idea of creating shelving from reclaimed wood. I think that this will not only look good but will be a great functional addition to your living space. How are you planning on using the sawhorses to make a bookcase? I am curious to hear your ideas for mounting shelves, and how tall this will be.


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