Upcycle Progress – Brake Rotor Clock

So Far I have been able to gather all of my materials and I have begun the initial design phase. My project will consist of a front brake rotor from my 2007 CRF 250r dirtbike as the main clock face, black acrylic to fill in the center gap of the rotor and clock movement hardware from an old wall clock. My next steps involve finalizing my design. I first plan to create a hole pattern on the acrylic to match the rotor. Next I plan to laser cut/engrave the acrylic sheet. My vision is to engrave “CRF” onto the acrylic, but I am also considering other options such as a picture of my motorcycle or the places I have ridden. Lastly, I plan to mount the timekeeping hardware to the acrylic via glue.

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  • Hey Noah,
    You’re project sounds interesting! I wish you could’ve included some pictures or some sketches of your project/design so I could understand what it’s supposed to look like more. Some sort of image to help visualize your project before the final post for the Upcycling project would be super helpful.

    • Hey Brian,
      Thank you for the critique, if you are interested in seeing how it turned out please check out my latest post!


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