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For my main project inspirations, I have been slightly all over the place. The two major directions I’m throwing around are quite different from each other but both very interesting. The first of these follows along with my upcycle project in using an old climbing rope to create some things but this time I’m looking at more furniture pieces than art. I’ve seen some really unique chairs and couches that I’m really interested in trying to create. An example of this is shown below.

My other idea came from seeing different Bluetooth speakers set in unique items. I’ve thought about turning an old ammo can into a portable speaker, as well as a few other items. Thinking of music I got really curious about Tesla coils and creating something that could produce music from a scientific perspective. I definitely need to do more research but those have thus far been some ideas I’ve had!

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Main Project Inspirations

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  • Mr Butte, I also had trouble narrowing down the scope of my project. I really like the idea of the ammo can speaker. As for the telsa coil producing music, I have seen that in Youtube videos but it seems to require quite the experitse in EE and I am not sure if you are willing to take on that challenge, but I would love to see you try!

    • Joseph, good point. The more I research the more I’m starting to lean towards the cair as I feel that would be the most useful and interesting project to work on. Thanks for the insight!

  • I’ve been all over the place as well, I want my main project to be better than the midterm project. How did your previous project turn out? It may be beneficial to work with materials that you’re familiar with so you aren’t surprised later on. That being said, you could easily incorporate both rope and Bluetooth in your final.

    • Hannah, good point! I might think about how I could do both! Definitely like the idea of sticking with what I know for the time being although being challenged would be fun! I’ll keep you updated on what I decide!


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