Main Project Inspiration: Wood Art

Currently, I am not entirely sure what I want to do for my main project, though I have really liked looking at wood as a medium for what I am going to build. I am really into disc golf, and so I was thinking that I may end up creating a disc golf bag cart out of metal and wood. Ideally it would be fold-able and have potentially light display integrated into it sides for a little personality. I have to look at using laser cut side wood panels with engravings so I can have a back-lit display on the sides.

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  • Mr. Knapp:
    Really interesting idea! I’m curious how you would create a cart that would fold using wood. Of the wood I have used in the past, I haven’t found it to be all that pliable. Excited to see how you overcome this challenge! Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Mr. Butte, Thank you for your interest in my project! I was thinking about having a metal frame that can have the two side panels fold flat and have those panels be made out of wood. Cheers!

  • Hey Joseph,
    I really like the idea of you building a foldable golf bag cart. I think wood and metal are good materials to use but you should also look at alternative materials like plastic or something. Deforming that into different shapes is easier as compared to wood and metal. It really fits the purpose of the main project. I am somehow interested in knowing if this follows any particular aesthetic though and would love to see how this whole thing would come together if you decide to pursue this further.

    • Hello Sarthak, Thank you for your interest in my project! I will definately look into using alternative materials thank you for the suggestion. For a specific aesthetic, I was thinking about having the side panels and outside be decorated. I just uploaded another post about the specific aesthetics I am looking into.


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