Main Project: Top 5 Constraints

As I focus on the minimalist aesthetic for my project, I am finding these specific aspects of the project to be my top 5 constraints.

  1. Material Choice: Choosing what material I use will ultimately decide the quality and appearance of the final product, so choosing this product, color, and making sure I buy enough of it will be vital in making this project successful. My favorite sweatshirts are made primarily out of cotton and polyester, so I want to mimic this sort of style. Choosing this material has been a major constraint for me so far because I am hesitant that the fabric will not look as I imagine, but I plan on buying different materials and making different hoodies to make sure I have the right product in the end.
  2. Sewing Ability: I have never been able to sew, and after many attempts at learning I still have not mastered this practice. I also do not own a sewing machine, and I believe this would come out the best if it was stitched together with a machine. This is a major burden for this project, and I will need to use a lot of other resources to accomplish the right style and aesthetic.
  3. Design Method: Designing my hoodie will be crucial in producing the style I want to achieve. I have several hoodie brands I am a loyal fan of, so I plan on looking at their design templates and sizing to mimic them to the best of my ability. Furthermore, the design of the stitching, as well as graphics and other unique features are pressures for this project.
  4. Time: Finding the time to plan, design, and create this project in the next few weeks is daunting. I have goals for when I will have portions of this project completed; however, the time I will need to dedicate to learning how to sew and then doing it on my final product is the most overwhelming. I hope to get help from other members of this class to learn sewing skills as well!
  5. Aesthetic Originality: It is difficult finding a way to achieve originality in the aesthetic of my project. Minimalism is a difficult aesthetic to claim unique in the first place, and in today’s society fast fashion has made it easy to create “simple” hoodies easily. I hope to add a unique twist on the hood portion of the sweatshirt, adding a design to the inside of the sweatshirt rather than adding material to the outside. I also hope that the stitching and use of original materials will strengthen this project’s individuality.



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  • Benjamin Robles
    March 5, 2020 6:16 pm

    Hey Hailee,

    So my project is similar to yours. I am making a packable rain/wind biking jacket (with a hood). I was struggling with my aesthetic and with my lack of skill, and even talked to Prof Hertzberg about pivoting for my project. She encouraged me to reach out and get help with the sewing part, and she provided some direction for my aesthetic, as I was struggling with that, and I also, was just going for the minimalist aesthetic.
    She told me to look at the different aesthetic movements and try to find what I want to focus on. She also suggested to look at fabric paint, because a sweatshirt is a mobile canvas and could be a way for you to say something or express something. So maybe think of how you can make your sweatshirt unique and valuable to you.



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