Octopus Statue: Top 5 Constraints

1) Cost

I would like to spend as little amount of money as possible on some of the more basic aspects of the statue that way I can spend more money on things such as lights or joints. To help get through this I will try to reuse as many materials as possible

2) Aesthetics 

I chose the aesthetic of wood statues, though I will be making the sculpture out of cardboard. I will need to create the statue in a way that behaves like, and looks like wood. I will use paint or engrave patterns into the cardboard to help achieve this.


I will try to use cardboard to create the bulk of the statue. I will try to use recycled cardboard but I will have to find a large amount of unbent pieces. I will also struggle with finding a way to imitate it so it looks like wood.

4) Tools

I want to include lights on the octopus, however I do not know arduino. I will need help to achieve this, and plan on using the work trade. I also don’t know what type of arduino I need though I have an idea of what I want it to look like

5) Size

I haven’t decided the size I want it to be. I will need to think of the size of the head, the tentacles, the cardboard, and what I can fit into the laser cutter.

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  • Hi, Kaiya,

    Octopus statue is a great idea! I think you can start with focusing on building the structure of the octopus, like using the autoCAD or the 3D modeling software and chop it up into slices. Do a small one just so you can figure out how you want to assemble the pieces together before going into the larger scale as well as adding the woodgrain pattern to it. Don’t worry too much about the arduino, since there is default light code in the software as I recall, or if not, you can find those code snippet online easily.

    Anyway, good luck with the project!



  • Nathaniel Wang
    March 8, 2020 9:22 pm

    how do you intend on getting the 3D shape for the statue? will it be laser cut and the layers pasted together? Also is there some portion of your statue that is dynamic or will it be purely stationary?
    Looking forward to seeing the final product.


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