Pod Facilitator/Leader Expectations

UPDATED for ONLINE 3/15/20

Pod Facilitators/Leaders are very much like session chairs at a scientific or professional conference, with a couple of additional responsibilities.

  1. Work with your pod members to decide who will present in which order. You can just ask for volunteers, or set a schedule in advance, or some variant.
  2. Log in to Zoom in a browser, and go to your Settings>In Meeting(Basic). Set Screensharing to All Participants, and turn on Nonverbal Feedback.
  3. Issue a Zoom meeting invitation in your pod’s Slack channel. Be sure to activate recording; cloud recording is recommended. Text Prof. Hertzberg at 303 817 0967 if there is a problem.
  4. Take attendance and keep track of presenters, and send who presented and who was present to Prof. H and Behruz after class.
  5. Help the speakers get their screen sharing set up. Ask for help from others if you need it. Remind each speaker that they may want to record their presentation; your recording is a backup.
  6. Time each speaker. Give them a signal close to the end of their time (9 minutes for presentation, 7 minutes for discussion) to let them know time is running out.
  7. Moderate questions: Ask participants to use the ‘raise your hand’ button in Zoom. Remind pod of critique structure:
    1. Statements of meaning
    2. Questions from artist
    3. Neutral questions from audience
    4. Permissioned opinions.

Help the audience frame neutral questions, suggest rephrasing comments as needed.

  1. Remind everybody to type their comments as well as speaking out loud. Remind all that each speaker should get at least one response in each of the four categories
  2. Offer a comment and ask a question if nobody else volunteers. Be a model of good critique technique.
  3. Distribute the link to the recording session to all participants.
  4. Commit to hosting all the presentation sessions, or get somebody to substitute for you.
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