Design Review Part 2: Owl Sculpture

With the recent ongoing Covid-19 situation, my timeline regarding the project has changed slightly; pictured below:

Prototyping is divide into two major sections – that of the building the actual sculpture, and that of working on the dynamic components.

The fabrication of the main sculpture will be very similar to my Upcycle project – formation of the general shape and shell of the object using the chicken wire, and then adding more and more detail using bending and additional material to supplement the form. I will be disassembling the fence form of the chicken wire I have and using individual strands, in a linear woven pattern, to build up the outer frame. All moving pieces will be separately constructed and mounted on to the base sculpture frame. Fabrication of the dynamic component will be a simple servo controlled with an Arduino attached to a separate, individually moving component of the sculpture (likely the wings or the head). The Arduino will sit within the body cavity of the sculpture, with the necessary components affixed to each dynamic component. The whole sculpture will then be mounted or fixed to a lower base structure.


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  • Hi Kevin. I am happy that you are still able to continue with your design as planned. I enjoy the dynamic portion of your project and love owls! Excited to see the final product.

  • Abdulrahman Nashawi
    April 3, 2020 10:20 pm

    Hello Kevin! I am glad that your design did not get affected by the campus closure. I like how you described how you are going to use the wire strands for each component thoroughly. In regards to the owl head? what movement and sensors have you decided to use? Are you planning on keeping the owl moving continuously, or is it going to move in response to a command or a special body movement? Also, I don’t know if you mentioned this before, but how are you going to paint it, or get the outer finish? Good luck in finishing your project!

  • Kyle Neubarth
    March 29, 2020 5:16 pm

    Hi Kevin, your design plans seem fairly solid and I like how you evenly chunk up your fabrication steps, including some extra time for potential disasters is always good. From reading your post I’m imagining that designing/prototyping the dynamic part of your project is going to be the most demanding early on, but it seems like you could always just make the head rotate as a fallback strategy.


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