Construction Update – Mountain Wall Art

Thus far, the construction of my final project has been going well, despite all things considered with COVID-19, and its impacts to university resources and the overall operations of life. Over spring break, I was able to purchase some wood (not entirely sure what kind it just caught my eye) and then proceeded to sketch the outline of my design on the wood with pencil by hand (as depicted below).

Once I was satisfied with the sketch and the overall dimensions, I then took it outside, put it on the saw-horses, and then start cutting away. Throughout the entire process, I had to take great care to not go to fast, and too also be aware of the “thin” pieces that were evident once the material was being removed. The thin pieces of wood were easy to break, and a few pieces actually did break throughout the process, so I had to glue them back together. However, the jigsaw worked wonderfully, and the final product (as depicted at the top of this post) turned out exactly as I envisioned.


The only thing left to do with my project, is to sand the cutout to a nice finish, possibly stain the wood, and then attach the LED lights to the back of the cutout! Currently on track to finish by the original timeline though!

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  • Jamie Frankel
    April 15, 2020 9:40 pm

    Austin this looks incredible. I am jealous and want one in my room. I think you did a great job utilizing and highlighting the negative space. An onomatopoeia comes to mind when i look at this “whoosh” as the mountains look like they were splashed onto the wood! This is great. I am excited to see it stained.


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